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Gulf Finance

MaxSale Solutions took the time to understand our business and objectives to create bespoke training and development plans around our needs. The outcomes have been fantastic.

Peter Drummond - Head of Commercial Finance

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"The training session with MaxSale was well delivered and very engaging, I enjoyed the group activities and overall learning throughout the day, wished it could have been longer! Looking forward to more sessions, it was a great experience! Thanks."

Neha Motiwala, Manager - Customer Service SP
Jain School of Global Management

"It was evident during our workshop that Peter reached a lot of people with his message and influenced the way our Sales Engineers think about sales process."

John Duffy, Marketing Specialist
Spraying System Co.

"I am already applying the selling skills. I really enjoyed the sessions; MaxSales is great at what it does."

Ben Rehayem, Branch Manager
Spectrum Dubai

"I just wanted to say thank you for your remarkable program - MaxElerator! You have done an incredible job. Our sales have (been) improved after we adopted this programme."

Raed Hassan, General Manager
Oscar Furniture Co.LLC

"I personally think these training sessions were an eye opener for even the seasoned sales staff which was delivered in an explicit manner. Your training modules & skills have definitely pushed all of us to think differently & focus on our sales with a different perspective."

Prakash Menon, Sales Manager
Al Reyami Interiors

"Professional Selling Skill Program was very useful refresher, for the sales team who could see through the steps involved in the sales process development, art of questioning the prospect and closing a deal. Highlight was the "Role Plays” which were specially developed to demonstrate the application of the Selling Skills in different situations."

Rajiv Bhatia - Department Head Marketing & Capability Development
Al Shirawi Enterprises LLC

"We enjoy working with MaxSales Solutions as they offer unique, value-added courses to help our Sales Representatives learn new approaches and tactics to selling. MaxSales came into our office for the training sessions and worked effectively around our busy schedules. Each course was tailored to meet our needs and objectives. MaxSales went the extra mile to learn our products and services so that our sales team learned useful selling skills that they quickly and easily applied to their everyday life."

Erika Clements - Human Resources
Move One

"We had spent lots on our CRM and sales trainings earlier but it did not impact our sales productivity or process adherence. Peter dug deep into the root causes and worked on simplification. Peter’s sales training helped our teams across UAE understand the implication of not doing the basics, appreciate the stages & priorities, the need of the CRM to help manage themselves, and how to improve their productivity & customer traction. I would recommend Peter to any growing organization."

Nikhil Kothari, Manager - NTS, KSA, Oman & Marketing
Intertec Systems LLC

"Maxsale Solutions has shown us what we are truly capable of. With their systems, processes and guidance our sales force are more focused on revenue generating activity and as a result our productivity has soared."

Christian Joshi, General Manager

We’re Experienced Sales Specialists

Sales Training is not about learning new techniques, it is about making improvements within the organization that will drive revenue. ‘Off the Shelf’ Sales Training which simply provides the same material to everybody is never going to work.

Therefore at MaxSale we ensure that our Professional Sales and marketing Programs consist of the following:

  • Pre training analysis for key areas to make improvements that will drive revenue.
  • Adapt the training to the required industry (whether its Commercial, Retail or Real Estate, we ensure in all our sales training courses the attendees will be engaged).
  • Post sales training, we ensure that any Selling Skills or Sales pitches that have been learned will be applied.
  • If required, we can also assist for your managers to begin sales coaching and certification in Dubai.

MaxSale has always prided itself on its sales training and has now developed over 1,500 sales staff in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Gulf Region. We don’t only focus on Selling Skills and Sales Pitches but also on the Activity that can impact a sales performance during their working hours.

Dubai over recent years has tended to recruit more ‘order takers’ than sales people. If your sales staff simply talk about your products and services they are an expensive form of marketing for your company. Sales is about persuasion and convincing clients of a solution. This is what is critical to come across in Sales training.

A sales Manager should not simply hold an admin role to ensure their team are coming to work on time and taking the right number of holidays. They should be leaders that develop their sales team which is why sales Coaching, training and certification is critical to create these leaders. In Dubai, many sales managers compete to ‘beat’ and ‘be better’ than their staff which doesn’t assist the organization as a whole.

Maxsale assists companies from all industries and has worked with a variety of retail, commercial and real estate organizations. In each case, the sales training improved the Selling Skills and sales pitches that resulted in closing more sales.

Maxsale guarantees all of its professional marketing and sales Programs in the UAE and there is post course certification for all the staff members of an organization on successfully completing the sales training.

If you are interested in sales training in Dubai, UAE or any other areas within the Gulf region, please don’t hesitate to contact us to improve your teams selling Skills which will drive more revenue to your business.

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