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Sales improvement calculator

Sales improvement calculator

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The proven route to increasing revenue

Maximize your sales potential.


Maxsale Solutions is an industry leader in sales development. We help business leaders develop their sales teams by delivering bespoke improvement programs that directly influence, increased profits.


Sales development

We develop sales teams through proven 3 to 6 month programs that are focused on increasing revenue. Our programs include workshops, support and sales tools engagement.

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Sales consultancy

From identifying areas for improvement through to successful implementation, we’ll help you optimize your sales process, develop an effective sales strategy and align your sales tools with a measured approach through performance reporting.

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CRM engagement

Our sales-led programs are designed to maximise revenue. We’ll ensure an optimised return on investment of your CRM, through workshops and training to setting up interactive dashboards. We provide full programs for Salesforce, Zoho and HubSpot.

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A legacy in sales

Led by Peter Heredia Maxsale Solutions has been improving sales teams, strategies and processes for over 35 years and based in the UAE for the last 25 years. We have experienced every type of sales process and enabled businesses of all sizes to overcome the challenges they face.

Our ability over the years to engage with the sales team while conducting our consultancy has repeatedly provided inspiring results. We stay focused on the fundamentals that are needed to bring success, avoiding “Rocket Science” at all costs!

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This is a unique approach compared to usual sales consultancy that simply identifies what has gone wrong and leaves you to fix it.

We take your teams through the process of coaching and ensure you are supported on a path of progress and continued success.

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Virtual Development

We have delivered workshops that have included attendees from over 30 countries worldwide through our state of the art studio. In this short video you will see the 3 sets we have made available and can be branded for any customer. Please don’t forget to watch the video till the end to see the Quiz Set where we have a lot of fun with knowledge retention and continued learning.

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