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Sales Training Trends in the UAE for 2018-2019

How do you take market share? Drop prices hoping you can increase them in the future? No, the key is to develop your sales team to be better, to be more productive and better than your competition. Your customers will appreciate this in the good times and the bad. Continue reading

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Is Traditional Sales Training a Thing of the Past?

When you are considering investing any money at all on developing your sales team make sure you spend it wisely on what will have a true long-term impact on performance. If you want to really change the behavior and performance of your salespeople, then the only way to do it is through a programme aimed at doing just that. Continue reading

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20 Effective Training Elements to Look Out for in a Sales Program (and what to avoid at all cost!)

Sales training programs are crucial for the organisations to harness the skills of their sales team. But how do you know what to look for when picking the right program? Find out! Continue reading

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Rainmaking – How it Helps to Increase Revenue?

What really differentiates a great salesperson from a good one is that great salespeople take time on activities that impact the outcome of sales opportunities well before the sale is ever likely to close and may not be aimed at a specific sale. I call these ‘Rainmaking Activities’. Continue reading

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